Postcard Collecting

There is a tendency to denigrate the present, whatever it is, because we know so much about it, while romanticizing the past, whatever it was, because its less pleasant details grow fuzzier with each passing year, accentuating the cherished highlights even more.
Neil Steinberg from You Were Never in Chicago

I’ve been on a postcard collecting kick lately.  I don’t have many, just a dozen or so.  But I find them absolutely fascinating.  I think there are two parts to my interest in them.  First, they’ve visually appealing.  Postcards from the early twentieth century have a really neat style.

Front.  1956.

Front. 1956.

The colors are vivid, and the images are interesting to look at, especially when they’re of familiar locations.  Second, I love the idea of sending a postcard with a short note to friends and family back home.  I’m trying to only buy postcards which have been sent.  The postal cancelations are interesting, and I enjoy seeing what people had to say to the people they were writing to.

Take a look below at some of the postcards I’ve got so far.  And if you come across a collection of interesting postcards, I’d love to hear about it!